2017/2018 Limited Editions

2017/2018 Limited Editions

Passport Series 2018—Vineco Wines

Grenache (France) Release Date:  Dec 2017
A distinctive combination of fruit and spice in the aroma making for a lively wine.  The medium bodied red boast flavours of red fruit, with hints of anise and tobacco.  Fine tannins leave the palate balanced on the finish.

Viognier Roussanne Marsanne (France) Release Date:  Jan 2018

White blend marries three varietals into one tantalizing off-dry wine.  Peach, pear and honeysuckle in the bouquet make way for hints of spice, pear, tangerine and fresh rose petal on the palate.  Crisp and balanced, the finish allows one to fully enjoy the floral and fruit flavours.

Aglianico Cabernet Merlot (Italy) Release Date:  Feb 2018

A full-bodied Italian blend.  With rustic earthy flavours including spicy pepper, leather and tobacco to ripe plum and black fruits, this blend’s fine tannins prove a pleasing and not too astringent finish.  The fruit and earth are in harmony creating a beautifully balance red wine.

Two Roads Red (California)  Release Date:  Mar 2018

A real powerhouse, this blend has a bold taste and tannic backbone.  Petit Syrah, Zinfandel and Cab Sauvé.  Dark ripe berry  aromas blend with smoke and spice elements that lead into flavours of black cherry, vanilla, and black pepper with a lasting finish.


Petit Ruby Cabernet (Australia)  Release Date:  Jan 2018

A blend of Petit Verdot and Ruby Cabernet. Creating a structured, robust wine with soft tannins and intriguing flavours of dark berries and vanilla.  Elegant fruit flavours of currant, juicy plum and dark berries complemented by notes of spicy ground black pepper with hints of herb and vanilla, make this medium-full bodied wine a delight to enjoy with grilled meats

Chardonnay Chenin Blanc (South Africa)  Release Date:  Jan 2018

Tropical fruit aromas marry with baked apple citrus zest and juicy peach.  On the palate, the buttery complexity of Chardonnay is complemented by Chenin Blanc’s tart acidity to make a beautifully balanced wine; delicious to sip on its own or to enjoy with food.

Merlot (New Zealand)  Release Date:  Feb 2018

Ripe fruit with spice and soft tannins.  The lingering finish brings dark oaky spice, as well as hints of mocha and licorice.  Treat yourself and enjoy with slow-cooked beef and lamb dishes. 

Milagro Blanco (Spain)  Release Date:  Mar 2018

Muscat is fruity and crisp, Verdejo has mineral and citrus notes, and Sauvé Blanc is herbaceous with pleasing acidity.  When married, their unique elements create an off-dry, soft, refreshing, fruit-forward wine with a bright bouquets and a complex   finish.

Negroamaro (Italy)  Release Date:  Apr 2018

Richly jewel-hued, full bodied wine.  Mild hints of wood and spice on the nose play with fruity notes for a complex aroma.  On the palate, ripe berry is complemented by ground baking spice and silky tannins with a long finish.