Beer – Home Brew Kits

Home brew kits only.

Create more than 20 varieties of beer.
Brewer’s Best® kits make 19 litres which yields approximately 48 – 52, 341ml beer bottles or 50- 12 ounce glasses of beer
Don’t have the brewing equipment? Not a problem. You can purchase a Brewers Best starter kit.

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Check out this video of how to brew below.



American Amber

Copper colour, bitterness to match the malt character, clean finish

American Cream Ale

Clean, light with faint malt notes and a hint of corn

American Light

Light- bodied, refreshing and thirst quenching

American Pale Ale

Hop aromas, bitterness, gold colour, a medium-body finish

American Pale Wheat

Blend of pale ale and wheat beer, hoppier than a traditional wheat beer

Belgian IPA

Modern style ale with piney, herbal and slight citrus flavours

Continental Pilsner

A dry beer that finished with ample hop bitterness and a straw colour

Double India Pale Ale

Medium- bodied, aromas of citrus, pine, complex hop flavours

English Bitter

Well balanced, moderate hop bitterness, a light malty profile

English Brown Ale

Medium- bodied, malty character, nutty aromas, dark brown colour, subdued hop flavour



English Pale Ale

Well- balanced, medium- high bitterness, caramel maltiness

Gluten Free Ale

Lightly bitter, undertones of floral and citrus from the hops

Imperial Blonde Ale

Full- bodied, well-rounded and golden in colour

India Pale Ale

Clean, crisp with strong hop aroma and flavour

Irish Stout

Dark, roasty, creamy, black in colour, medium- bodied, dry finish


Crisp, clean easy-drinking , straw-yellow colour, slightly hoppy and sweet

Oatmeal Stout

Medium-full bodied, rich toasty flavour, chocolate notes nutty silky character

Red Ale

Medium-light bodied, deep red hue, smooth and easy drinking

Scottish Ale

Full- bodied ale full of caramel, chocolate and smokey malts


Light- bodied easy drinking summer beer with a smooth finish


Classic white ale lightly hopped, spicy fruity notes, a dry finish