Service Levels

Our Service Levels:

All wine kits start out the same.  The difference is in how we process the kit.

These processes can be applied to any kit you choose.


5 and 6-Week Wine – This is our standard wine making procedure, which is available for all our wine kits.  The ‘must’ is fermented and racked.  After four weeks the wine is fined.  At that time the wine stops maturing and the aging process begins.  A 5-week wine is filtered one week later whereas a 6-week wine is left to age for two weeks before filtering.  Once filtered, the wine is ready to bottle.  Although your wine is ready to consume immediately, aging it is recommended for a greater flavour experience.

11-Week Wine – This process is the same as the 6-week wine.  In addition the wine is cold stabilized for four weeks after filtering.  With the tartaric acid removed from the wine, it tastes smoother and less acidic.  This will benefit those who suffer from heartburn.  We recommend this process for medium to high quality wine kits.

20-Week Wine – the ‘must’ is fermented and racked into a glass carboy.  The wine is allowed to mature in this carboy for an additional eleven weeks before fining.  It is then cold stabilized for four weeks.  Cold stabilization is a good method of smoothing out an overly acidic wine. It also aids stabilization and oaking and helps refine wines that possess a “bite.”  For overly acidic wines, a portion of the tartaric acid will precipitate out as crystals. The wine is later removed from cold storage, the crystals racked off and the wine is bottled.


Our name says it all:  Oak Barrel Wines

What sets us apart from other U-Brews is our 24 Oak Barrels.

The use of oak plays a significant role in winemaking and can have a profound effect on the resulting wine, affecting the color, flavor, tannin profile and texture of the wine. Oak barrels produce a wine with concentrated flavour and aroma compounds. Small amounts of oxygen are allowed to pass through the barrel and act as a softening agent upon the tannins of the wine.

25-Week Wine – This is the ultimate in wine kits.  We take the best kits and extend the fermentation.  The wine is then matured for seventeen weeks in a full sized oak barrel.  Not all wine kits are suitable for aging in a barrel.  Only those kits which are of the highest quality will benefit from this process.  25-week wines are best if allowed to mature in a bottle for another month or longer.

30-Week Wine – After the twenty-five week wine process, the wine is cold stabilized for four weeks.  Cold stabilization is one method you can use to decrease crystals and improve the appearance of your wine.  30-week wines are ready to drink almost immediately but will benefit from some time in the bottle before consuming.


Wine making in Coquitlam has never been easier!